The census of people and housing is underway; noncompliance will result in penalties

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The Albanian Institute of Statistics has launched the population and housing registration procedures today.

The six-week census will end on October 26. Preliminary results will be made public in June 2023.

The European Union has committed grants totaling 4.8 million euros to ensure the smooth execution of this census. In the upcoming days, 7,500 enumerators will visit every home in Albania in order to gather data.

Information about the resident population, social and demographic traits, housing, employment, health, and other topics will all be provided by the registration. There will be electronic gadgets used in the data collection process. There are eight modules and one hundred questions in the questionnaires.

Complete details regarding work, education, and civil status, among other things, will be included in the individual module. A module dedicated to households, the agriculture industry, and other sectors will also be included.

Residents who decline to respond or give correct information will be subject to a fine of between 50,000 and 100,000 lek.

The first census was carried out in 1923, and the last one was completed in 2011. The 2023 census is the 12th in Albania’s history.

Prime Minister Rama urged everyone to take part in the census, calling it a patriotic duty, during the presentation event. Similar appeals have been made in recent days by religious groups, asking their adherents to affirm their religious identity when enumerators question them.