Albanian Football Federation issues statement regarding Albania-Czechia football match tickets

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The highly awaited Albania-Czech Republic football game, which is set to take place on October 12 at “Air Albania” stadium at 8:45 PM, has caused a reaction by the Albanian Football Federation (FSHF) through an explanation of what transpired with the online ticket sales.

“The system experienced several downtimes, which have been stabilized, and the sale started at 9:15 PM,” the FSHF said, citing an overflow of applications.

Moreover, the Federation says that those who have paid and were unable to obtain the ticket will receive a refund: “The banking system has handled all cases involving people who paid for tickets but were unable to obtain them through the ticketing portal, returning all of the money paid.”

The Albanian Football Federation has opened up the ticketing platform to the public for this qualifying season of ticket sales. Making ticket reservations and purchases as simple and straightforward as possible for sports fans who wish to watch the National Team play at home or away is the only goal behind this. The same policies and guidelines that apply to the matches against Moldova and Poland also apply to this one, with each application being limited to four ticket purchases.

The procedure began on Friday, September 15th, according to FSHF. However, the system encountered multiple outages as a result of the overabundance of applications; these have already been resolved, and the auction began at 9:15 PM as disclosed through our official means of communication.

In the hours preceding and during the ticket sales, there were more than 300,000 persons waiting on the Federation’s official page and ticketing platform. In record time, all available tickets have been sold out.

In addition, we would want to make it clear that tickets requested by formal fan clubs that cheer on the national team in both domestic and international games are held in reserve and given to the fan clubs so they can give them to their members.

All cases involving those who paid but were unable to obtain the ticket through the ticketing portal were settled by the banking system, which reimbursed all money paid. We appreciate all of the fans’ attention and requests, and we hope that they will understand that not all of their wishes have been fulfilled. The FSHF clarification states that “any stadium built would be insufficient to meet the demands for this match.”