Vučić against the world community: They would have hanged me if I had uttered what Kurti said

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Aleksandar Vučić, the president of Serbia, criticizes the international community, saying they are applying different rules to the discussion between Pristina and Belgrade.

In order to avoid seeing precisely what Kurti mentioned, they play naive in the West. He stressed, “These are double standards; if I had said what he said, I would have been hanged in Berlin, Brussels, and Washington, but I won’t say which comment of the Kosovo Prime Minister I’m talking to.

When asked if the EU’s plan to proceed in Thursday’s meeting included a requirement that Serbia not oppose Kosovo’s membership in international organizations, Vučić sidestepped the topic.

The Serbian president underlined, “Even when the EU accuses Kurti, I have to be guilty even though there is no agreement.””.