The EU is against Kurti, and Stano threatens more action if things get worse.

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In the event that tensions between Kosovo and Serbia increase, the European Union threatens to take severe action.

“The sanctions imposed in this case against Kosovo are short-term measures that the member states approved because it was unanimously agreed that “now we need to use not only carrots but also sticks.” These measures will remain in place for as long as the member states deem them necessary; they can be increased or decreased as needed.


He clarified that while Josep Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, did not declare the discussion a failure, he did view the most recent meeting as inconclusive. He cautioned that Kosovo and Serbia run the risk of lagging behind in their EU admission while confirming that the mediators had updated the member states on Thursday’s events in Brussels.

Nonetheless, there are still long-distance conflicts. Speaking to Radio Free Europe, sources inside the EU refuted Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti’s assertions that he alone had provided a step-by-step proposal for putting the normalization agreement into effect during the conference. It is asserted that the parties were given a staged implementation plan for the agreement by the mediators…

mentioning that Josep Borrell, the High Representative, had declared that he had presented a compromise plan for simultaneous implementation. The sources alludes to a July 19 document that demands the start of the Association of Serb Majority Municipalities’ negotiation process.

In addition, Serbia would concede that it would no longer support UNMIK’s participation in regional fora and the use of the asterisk and footnote. After that, a sequence of actions would be taken to accomplish document and state symbol identification.”