Sahitaj Property Tax Changes: State, Religious, and Resort Properties Are Exempted

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The General Director of Property Tax at the Ministry of Finance, Lavdrim Sahitaj, discussed revisions to the property tax law while appearing on ‘A2 Business’ with Aurora Sulçe.

One of the primary changes that Sahitaj anticipates the new law would bring about is the shift from property taxation based on market value to property taxation based on value, with the goal of promoting objectivity, transparency, and fairness for taxpayers.

“Transitioning to market value property taxation is one of the primary adjustments, aimed at making the system as impartial, open, and equitable as possible for taxpayers.

Among the many aspects of the new law is the exemption of a variety of properties, including state-owned buildings, facilities used for religious purposes, and resorts with well-known brands.

However, there is also another group of retirees who are listed as single on the family certificate, families getting economic support, and disabled people that are free from property tax; this category is being discussed.

To lessen the load on these populations, a subsidy plan is being considered. We’re still debating this,” Mr. Sahitaj said to A2 CNN, among other things.

Lavdrim Sahitaj, the Ministry of Finance’s General Director of Property Tax.”