Mediu: The diaspora’s representation in the Parliament is just as important as voting

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Pressure to make some significant amendments to the Constitution and the Electoral Code has grown due to the efforts of small parties, Democratic Party allies, and newcomers to the political arena. The emphasis is on undoing the 2008 modifications, which Edi Rama and Sali Berisha carried out at the time.

The leader of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, was invited to A2 CNN and gave a list of the improvements they hope to achieve with their new initiative during the program “Interview” with Merita Haklaj. Giving the diaspora the chance to run for office and cast ballots is one of them. Mediu adds that a national proportional system with open lists can be used to accomplish this goal. He highlights the significance of having citizens’ chosen representatives in parliament.

“The effort we have taken is about bringing Albania back to the fundamentals of its constitution, not about how big or tiny a party is. The parliament is a body that decides cases based on merit, which is why we have asked for a national proportional list with open lists to promote greater public participation in the process. Above all, that is what matters most. “A return of qualities not found in Albania is an additional factor that enables the diaspora to vote and run for office,” Mediu stated on A2 CNN.

Mediu makes his case when asked if people from the diaspora should reside here in order to participate in politics.

“They are capable of making a difference from wherever they are. They have obligations to serve in the government, administration, or Parliamentary institutions after being elected. Giving them the chance to be elected is the first step, though,” Mediu said in conclusion.”