Mediu provides a behind-the-scenes look at what caused Berisha to consider the 2008 Constitutional amendments.

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Sali Berisha said on A2 CNN a day ago that he would be open to support amendments to the electoral rules and constitution.

A 2008 constitutional amendment bestowed complete authority on the prime minister, granting them the ability to be removed from office. Berisha said she would be willing to amend this paragraph as well. But how did this former prime minister’s reflection come to be?

Republican Party chief Fatmir Mediu shares behind-the-scenes information.

“We spoke with the MPs, and it’s important to examine Berisha’s experience. Berisha brought up the idea that we should examine the issues that have emerged and our relationship with foreign parties, particularly the OSCE-ODIHR and their experience with electoral reform. She also pointed out that the motion contained a provision that gave the prime minister complete control over the Assembly, which was a ridiculous move given that authority over an elected body was transferred to a single individual. Mediu stated on A2 CNN that “all the steps taken in 2008 were regressive; none of them contributed to consensus.”

Berisha considers the modifications to the Constitution for the first time.