Greek minister who visited Beleri in prison: This matter clouds bilateral relations

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Janis Ikonomu, the interior minister of Greece, recently responded to a meeting with Fredi Beleri, the winner of the Himara mayoral race, which was conducted in Durres prison.

Ikonomu, claiming that this matter is putting a strain on the relationship between the two nations, requests in an urgent manner that the Albanian government permit Beleri to take the oath as the mayor of Himara right away.

This case was unique from the start and is still very serious for Greece. Civil liberties and the rule of law are essential European ideals and ideas. Greece maintains that the concepts of the rule of law, presumption of innocence, and respect for civil rights are not applicable in the Mr. Beleri case.

In accordance with the results of the most recent elections, the Albanian side must permit Mr. Beleri to take the oath of office as mayor right away. The existing state of affairs gravely jeopardizes our bilateral relations and is inconsistent with the European acquis and everything that goes along with it, according to Ikonomu.”