Gazment Bardhi’s Mediu: I value him now as much as I did when he was with Basha.

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Fatmir Mediu, the leader of the Republican Party, thanked Gazment Bardhi, who today also assumed the job of parliamentary group leader, in an interview with Merita Haklaj.

For the benefit of the Democrats alone, Bardhi has remained devoted, according to Mediu, both during his time with Basha and more recently.

“I am grateful for Bardhi’s contributions both during his time with Basha and after he assumed the role. I like that he is a devoted member of the Democratic Party. His acts, as well as those of Jorida Tabaku and others, have benefited the Democrats. The two PDs and PR were supposed to form a coalition before the elections, and the PL was supposed to play a major role. Many people give priority to short-term goals, which is why this did not occur,” stated Mediu.