Berisha: McGonigal has acknowledged his guilt and will speak soon

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According to Sali Berisha, McGonigal will discuss the accusations made against him shortly. Because he is a friend of Prime Minister Rama, Berisha claims that he was planted in Albania alongside Agron Neza and Dorian Duçka, and together they created a system of multimillion dollar fines against businessmen. The prosecution has not responded to this.

The man who is expected to speak soon, McGonigal, has accepted the agreement, acknowledged his guilt, and was installed in Albania alongside Agron Neza and Dorian Duçka. Together, they set up a system of multimillion-dollar fines against businessmen, and since he is friends with Edi Rama, the Albanian prosecution didn’t need to do anything. What could be more disgraceful? Does any state resemble the mafia more than this one? Justice is still restrained as a result of Edi Rama.”

Berisha claimed that because the Milton group was directly financed by Olsi Rama, it was impossible to conduct an investigation into Amant Josifi in Albania. He claims that information on Josifi also resulted in the removal of Helidon Bendo, the head of SHISH, and the firing of Gledis Nano, the previous director of police.

“Olsi Rama and Amant Josifi’s pyramid scheme is equivalent to the theft of 2.4 billion euros. Six, or forty percent, of the fifteen centers of the Milton pyramid were located in Albania. For a considerable amount of time, partner services attempted to carry out investigations in Albania; however, this was unfeasible due to the Milton group’s direct backing of Edi Rama, through Olsi Rama. Albanian authorities were dismissed despite their efforts to make the required space available for the investigation of this matter. Just for forwarding information he obtained from partners to the proper places, the former Director-General of Police faced a violent dismissal from his position. It appears that Helidon Bendo’s hasty exit from SHISH is also connected to this global scandal of the highest caliber, stated Berisha.