Berisha: I would like SPAK to look at the choices I’ve made since the 1990s! It is my obligation to raise my kids

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Sali Berisha, the former prime minister, has demanded that SPAK look into every choice and signature he has made since 1990, claiming he has broken no laws.

For his two children, Shkëlzen and Argita Berisha, he adopts the same posture. In a “Debate” with Alba Alishani on A2 CNN, Berisha declared he accepted full responsibility for any transgressions against the public interest that his two children may have committed while he was in office.

“I have underlined and underlined, invited and invited to review, each and every act, signature, and choice made by Berisha between 1990 and the present. You have only heard me, a politician in Albania, claim that I bear complete responsibility for my kids. “My children are married, and while I accept full responsibility for any public interest violations they may have committed while I was in power, I also feel that they are in their own work and I am in mine,” Berisha said on A2 CNN.