Berisha considers the 2008 Constitutional amendments for the first time

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Sali Berisha, the former prime minister, has considered the 2008 constitutional amendments for the first time. Invited to participate in a “Debate” on A2 CNN with Alba Alishani, Berisha stated that he is open to altering the voting system and that he has no issues with changing the Constitution.

“I completely concur; tomorrow, let’s alter the election process. Even with regard to the Constitution clause, I have no objections. Upon Edi Rama’s acceptance of this, he expressed resistance. “Yesterday, at the meeting, I stated that I support any decision to alter the electoral system or the 2008 Constitution’s articles, let’s make those changes,” said Berisha.

A notable alteration to the 2008 Constitution was the broad authority bestowed upon the Prime Minister, who was immune to dismissal. Berisha declared that he would be open to amending this item as well.

“I agree to change the motion’s articles, and I will cast my votes with anyone who wants to change them,” Berisha stated.

However, his signature is absent from the changes to the Electoral Code and system proposed by Dashamir Shehi, the leader of the LZHK (Democratic Party). Although they haven’t given it to him as a paper, Berisha stated that he hasn’t signed it and that he’s prepared to make changes.