Bardhi will serve as group chairman and Noka as general secretary, according to Berisha’s announcement

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Sali Berisha, who had before said as much when questioned about Gazment Bardhi’s name, has realized that there is no longer time to settle this through competition in the face of the majority’s inclination for Lulzim Basha to lead the Democratic Party’s Parliamentary Group.

The appointment of two of the most significant positions—a formula that unites two anti-Basha factions—was formally declared by the Head of Rithemelimi.

“The Democratic Party’s general secretary, Flamur Noka, is not up for discussion. The Parliamentary Group is led by Gazment Bardhi, and we are heading toward the unity that the Democrats have embraced.”

He views the Election College’s ruling, which granted Lulzim Basha an extra commissioner for the partial elections in Kukës after accepting his appeal, as the latest evidence that Edi Rama is in charge of justice.

In a same vein, he clarifies the Supreme Court’s obstruction to the PD’s ballot’s validity.

“Edi Rama is in charge of the judiciary. The law requires Sokol Sadushi to provide the Court of Appeals’ ruling within thirty days, but as Edi Rama has been impeding him with the vetting, Sokol Sadushi, a political commissioner, retains the file.”

He pledges that this time, the protests he organizes will be of a different kind and views the public uprising as essential.

“The protests will be started by the party. But we have to view the opposition’s work as a process. This protest will not begin today, remain for a few hours, and then move somewhere. This demonstration will be distinct from others.”

In addition, he called the State Police’s latest operation, code-named “Temple,” a bluff.

He said that Taulant Balla, the interior minister, had escaped from the head of the Librazhd Police Station’s car and that Berisha had told him he was part of a narcotics distribution network.”