Rama’s Decisions, Government Changes Go for a Presidential Decree

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Edi Rama’s decisions to alter the leadership of seven ministries have reached the institution of the Presidency, awaiting Bajram Begaj’s signature.

The institution has documented the request, but it will not receive a prompt response from the head of state due to his official visit to Kazakhstan.

On Monday, Rama announced a 40% reshuffle of his government cabinet by reassigning seven ministers to new departments.

Ervin Mete – Minister of Finance and Economy.

Igli Hasani – Foreign Minister.

Education and Sports Minister – Ogerta Manstirliu

Agriculture Minister – Anila Denaj

Health Minister – Albana Kociu

State Entrepreneurship Minister – Delina Ibrahimaj

Arbjan Mazniku – Local Government Minister.

During the meeting of the Socialist Party Assembly, Rama publicly announced the names of newcomers who will join the government, cabinet adjustments, and returns. In addition to the resignations, the Prime Minister decided to abolish the Ministry of Services and reinstate the Ministry of Local Government, which will be headed by the Deputy Mayor of Tirana.

Olta Xhacka, who was excluded from Rama’s government, will now serve only as a delegate for the Socialist Party. A mandate for which she must answer to the Constitutional Court due to a conflict of interest, as her spouse became a strategic investor while she was Foreign Minister.

EU investigations into IPARD funds have prevented Frida Krifca from participating in politics. Similarly, Minister without Portfolio Edona Bilali will now only serve as a majority deputy, while for the other two members of the government, Evis Kushi and Milva Ikonomi, Rama granted them positions within the party after removing them from the executive.

Before learning about the changes in the government or the new secretariats in the pink headquarters, the Socialists were forced to listen to their chairperson speak for over an hour about Tourism and Justice. Regarding the latter, Edi Rama referred to it as the “PS’s shield,” positioning it as a defense for his stance in the face of Greece’s claims regarding the Beleri case, corruption issues among left-wing officials, or his desire to act within the opposing camp.