Pogradec to host water motorsports World Championship next year

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Pogradec will hold the “Formula One” water racing and jet ski races on Lake Pogradec from July 1st to July 7th of the forthcoming year. The leading representatives of these racing events signed a partnership agreement with Pogradec Mayor Ilir Xhakolli on Wednesday.

According to Kris Spaho, Formula One’s ambassador in Albania, this event is the largest sporting and touristic event ever held in our nation.

“We chose Pogradec at the height of the tourist season because of the city’s natural beauty,” he explained. Over 600 people, including racers and crew, are scheduled to compete, and the races will be televised live on some of the world’s most prestigious television networks.

According to Mayor Xhakolli, an event like this, planned in Pogradec, is not only significant for the city, but also for Albania as a whole. He promised to make every effort to meet all of the conditions for organizing a world-class event.

During the seven-day competition, the top pilots from 43 internationally recognized teams representing diverse countries from across the world will compete. They will compete in two events: jet ski racing and water motorsports.