Meta explains why Free Party members did not attend Bardhi’s meeting

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Ilir Meta, the leader of the Free Party, has defended the absence of Free Party members from the previous day’s meeting between the groups of Gazment Bardhi and Sali Berisha.

“Free Party members have been at the vanguard of challenging the regime in parliament and elsewhere.”

Meta stated that it is crucial for opposition members to acknowledge the sacrifices of those who voted for them in 2021 and prevent any regime from attempting to divide the opposition.

In the internal “war” of the Democratic Party, regarding who is the leader of the group, Lulzim Basha or Gazment Bardhi, Meta seems to support the latter, although he did not articulate it directly.

“In a democracy, you know it’s the vote, it’s the majority that shows legitimacy wherever there is a discussion”, Meta stated.

Meta declared that it was crucial to unite the opposition and terminate the regime once and for all.

He did not provide a definitive response regarding whether he would also “give the party to Sali Berisha” in the Kukes elections.