“Election Farce” becomes a book, Berisha: It’s an exposé that proves Rama stole the election.

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The Democrats led by Sali Berisha have turned their report on what they term an electoral massacre into a book, compiling all the evidence they believe proves vote-buying by Edi Rama and government officials.

A 460-page publication that is not considered a surrender by the opposition but rather a demonstration of strength in the fight against the government.

“This volume, this report, should not be interpreted as a lament. This is actually an exposure. We have published it so that every Albanian with even the minimal interest in the truth and belief in its veracity is aware that Edi Rama does not hold elections. Edi Rama steals elections exclusively. This is the objective of the book, Berisha explained.

This book’s working group was led by Oerd Bylykbashi, who stated that the presented evidence proves that Edi Rama stole the election. “Today, Edi Rama has been Prime Minister for ten years, and his credo is to win elections at all costs. Therefore, he is willing to use anything, beginning with marijuana and the purchase of ballots. ODIHR stated in 2019 that the state was being utilized. In 2021, however, ODIHR determined that elections were not processed. The elections on May 14 were a textbook example of how elections are hijacked, according to Bylykbashi.

Ilir Meta, the leader of the Party of Freedom, was also present, and journalists queried him about the Democratic Party’s deputies’ unification efforts following the book presentation.

“I believe that in a democracy, it is the vote, the majority, that demonstrates legitimacy when there is a debate. It is not my responsibility, but for me, it is the unification of the opposition and the mobilization of the opposition against the regime.”

Regarding the partial elections in Kuks, Meta did not specify whether the same cooperation formula with Berisha would be used as on May 14, when candidates were registered under the banner of the Winning Together Coalition, which was officially headed by the Party of Freedom.