Census begins September 18, students and pensioners as enumerators, penalties for not participating

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Beginning September 18, students, past enumerators, and retirees will knock on every door to register citizens and address changes. In an interview with A2CNN, INSTAT director Elsa Dhuli revealed that roughly 7,500 people will be employed for six weeks to record population statistics using tablets rather than paper.

“We are holding a five-day training session for our enumerator employees this week.” According to INSTAT Director Elsa Dhuli, on September 18 a huge crew will visit the entire Albanian area to successfully collect information about structures, apartments, families, and individuals.

The census, which takes place every 12 years, will feature about 100 categories of questions about housing, families, geography, and jobs. Inquiries will also be made about their engagement in agriculture and animals in rural areas. Responses are necessary for the vast majority of enquiries.

“It is concerned with the demographic characteristics of the population, the residents, living conditions, and housing.” They will benefit both consumers and policymakers. “Exceptions include religion, ethnicity, and doctrine,” Dhuli says.

Citizens who refuse to answer or provide accurate information shall be fined between 50,000 and 100,000 lek under Article 21 of the Population and Housing Census Law.

“Enumerators are instructed to visit each household up to three times.” In other words, if they are not at home, the enumerator will leave a letter with a phone number or the census office’s address.

The census data will be automatically transmitted to INSTAT’s server, and the overall cost of the process will be 16 million euros. The preliminary results will be available by the end of June 2024.