“10-14 non-grata persons among the majority”

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In a live broadcast with the “Diary” studio on A2 CNN, the Democratic Party MP , Kreshnik Çollaku, claimed that 10–14 members of the majority were “non grata” exponents.

The public is aware of 10 to 14 exponents, MPs, and government officials who have been designated as ‘non grata’ by the majority’s strategic partners. Nobody is discussing this topic, and I believe the opposition should pay attention to it. Every opposition member should also put pressure on the prime minister to provide the list of “non grata” people, as per the Prime Minister’s duty.

He claimed that despite his changes, Rama had not fully “cleaned” his government.

“The ‘non gratas’ are still in the majority and the government, and it is Rama’s public duty to ascertain what the public thinks. This was the scandal that ought to have made headlines and garnered the most attention. The opposition should fight against Rama’s decision to keep the ‘non gratas’ secret,” stressed Çollaku.