Raman reacts as the European People’s Party approves the resolution calling for Beleri’s release.

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The European People’s Party Assembly on Tuesday adopted a resolution on Albania’s rule of law, focusing on the case of Fredi Beleri, the elected mayor of Himara who is imprisoned for electoral corruption. The resolution was put forth by the Greek party, Nea Dimokratia, which is a part of this political group in the EU.

The European People’s Parties Secretary-General, Thanasis Bakolas, declared, “We call on the Albanian authorities to respect the election results and proceed with the swearing-in ceremony of the elected mayor,”

“We vehemently denounce the actions taken by the Albanian government against a minority-elected mayor and his overt meddling in the election processes, as they are incompatible with European principles.”

It highlights how Albania and the European Union are politically divided as a result of the blatant disrespect for the rule of law, fundamental rights, the rights of the Greek minority, and, most importantly, Union regulations.

We emphasize that no state should behave in this way when attempting to join the European Union.

In response to this resolution, Prime Minister Edi Rama also spoke. ‘We call on the Albanian authorities’ is an intriguing statement. A call without naming the authorities and, most definitely, without being told that the courts’ ruling, which has denied this request, is the matter at hand rather than the outcome of the elections,” Rama said on “X.”

“I used the word ‘surely’ because I couldn’t imagine the powerful European People’s Party passing a resolution named ‘The Rule of Law’ that demands a different outcome than the Special Prosecutor against Corruption and Organized Crime and the Special Court of the same name. The EU and the US fully supported the establishment of these institutions, and they continue to provide close assistance to them in their amazing fight against organized crime and corruption.”