Political analysts discuss Rama’s actions in seven Ministries: Governance shifts

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During Monday’s Socialist Party Assembly meeting, Prime Minister Edi Rama replaced the leaders of seven ministries in his cabinet. Political experts Ilir Kalemaj and Afrim Krasniqi interpret this action by the president of the majority as a result of the accusations that are burdening his government.

Analysts surmise that Rama was forced to remove the ministers from political and public view in order to resolve the issue of their departure from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, and Health.

Krasniqi and Kalemaj claim that the new names in the government are a reward for their allegiance to the prime minister rather than a reflection of their accomplishments.

Groups within the Socialist Party have not viewed Rama as a lobbying endeavor over the past two years.

Rama had planned to reallocate two ministers, Kush and Ikonomi, to party responsibilities as part of his decision to replace 40% of the government cabinet. Xhaçka and Bilali would join the party executive committee. However, one of his allies, Frida Krifca, has already barred entry to the parliament and the government.