Police “iron hand” against drugs dealers near schools, Balla: Strengthening criminal code

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As the new school year begins on September 11, Interior Minister Taulant Balla has announced from Durres the doubling of Penal Code penalties to ensure the smooth operation of the educational process within the school safety perimeter.

“We intend to double the criminal penalties for anyone involved in narcotics distribution and sale near schools.” We will apply this new practice to other criminal acts as well. We will propose doubling the penalty for anyone caught with firearms without a permit, whether it’s a firearm or a cold weapon within the security perimeter,” Minister Balla said.

The State Police and ADU (Anti-Drug Unit) inspectors will pay special attention to businesses located near educational buildings in order to reduce the phenomenon of young people drinking alcohol. If such cases are discovered, Minister Balla says the consequences will be severe.

“All service units located near schools must understand that if they are involved in criminal activities that endanger children’s health or the public interest, their units will be permanently closed and never reopened,” said the Interior Minister.

The issue of rebuilding and repairing educational buildings damaged by the November 26 earthquake will remain in Durres during the new school year.

There are still schools being built. Interior Minister Taulant Balla was accompanied by Durres Mayor Emirjana Sako during his visit to the “Jan Kukuzeli” art school.