“Justice, the main battle of the SP”, Rama changes the government in the Assembly, 7 new ministers

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Prime Minister Edi Rama has changed forty percent of his cabinet by reassigning seven ministers to new departments.

During the PS assembly meeting, Rama announced the new ministers joining the government, as well as cabinet reshuffles and reinstatements. In addition to the resignations, the prime minister chose to dissolve the Ministry of Services and reinstate the Ministry of Local Government, which will be headed by the Deputy Mayor of Tirana.

Olta Xhacka will now serve as an MP after being dismissed from Rama’s government. Due to a conflict of interest, she will be required to respond to a constitutional mandate, as her spouse became a strategic investor while she served as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

EU investigations into IPARD funds have prevented Frida Krifca from participating in politics. Similarly, Edona Bilali will only serve only as a majority MP from this point forward. The other two government members, Evis Kushi and Milva Ikonomi, were granted positions within the party after being removed from the executive by Rama.

Before learning about government changes or new secretariat members at the SP headquarters, the socialists were required to listen to their chairman speak for over an hour about Tourism and Justice.

Edi Rama labeled the latter as the SP main battle, presenting it as a shield for his stand against Greece’s charges surrounding the Beleri case, corruption issues among left-wing officials, or his intention to act in the opposing camp.

In addition, the Assembly had to send a message to former PS leader Fatos Nano, who has been hospitalized for several days due to chronic pulmonary disease.