Joint Opposition Meeting, Bardhi: We Will Request the Establishment of 3 Investigative Commissions in Parliament

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Gazment Bardhi announced at the end of the joint meeting that the opposition has agreed to launch a joint action in Parliament, beginning with a request for the establishment of three investigative commissions.

“We will request an investigative commission for PPPs and healthcare issues, which are a priority not only because of abuses but also because citizens are unable to receive proper healthcare services. Second, patronage abuse or the latest US concern about serious suspicions of data theft from TIMS, and third, we are aware of how public officials make decisions to enrich their friends, colleagues, or family members, so another issue will be related to conflicts of interest or abuse of duty,” Bardhi said.

Bardhi had a message for those who were not present at the table, referring to it as a delayed meeting.

“I want to continue to believe that their mission is opposition, that this is a table for every opposition deputy, and that it should not keep anyone away,” said Bardhi.

The absence of Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj from the table was noted.