Berisha at Opposition Unity Meeting: The most difficult mission in 32 years

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Sali Berisha welcomed a meeting of opposition MPs and allies convened by Gazment Bardhi to coordinate the opposition’s position in parliament.

While accusing Rama of establishing a mechanism that goes against the will of the Albanian people, Berisha stated that the opposition faces a difficult mission ahead and reiterated the call for protests.

“I thank Bardhi and all those who, I believe, engaged in calling this much-anticipated meeting of the marginalized opposition at a critical juncture in political life. I appreciate your presence. I express my conviction that, given the country’s current circumstances, the Albanian opposition’s mission is the most difficult it has faced in 32 years, but also the most determined. We have parliamentary mandates, and others do not, but we must not forget that our mandates were obtained in a field where the government changed the will of the citizens.

The opposition will not accept defeat; it is the one tasked with finding solutions and instilling hope. This meeting is the most appropriate message we can send to the over 600,000 citizens who stood as idealists and voted for the opposition even in the farce of May 14th.

Rama has devised methods for stealing mandates. Only popular demonstrations can put him in his place. However, this is not the only weapon available. The opposition must take advantage of every opportunity, particularly in parliament, which is run in a Stalinist manner. “We must do everything possible to coordinate and use the spaces to expose the regime’s lies,” Berisha said.