Basha to Bardhi: You wn’t Hurt the DP on your way to the Anti-American bunker

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Lulzim Basha, the Democratic Party’s leader, appears to have a new rival within the party, and he has directed all of his political rhetoric toward him, Gazment Bardhi. Basha did not identify him by name or surname, instead referring to him as “the person leading the Democrats towards the Non Grata group.” Basha stated that he would serve as a shield for the Democratic Party’s values and would not allow anyone, including Bardhi, to harm the DP.

“A smooth road to the American bunker,” he said, referring to Bardhi’s collaboration with Sali Berisha.

“We will only fight for the interests of the citizens; we have demonstrated this resolve.” No one has had to deal with the consequences of your decision more than you. Of course, some people have already decided on their path. Anyone who wants to join the path of corruption alliance is free to do so, but they should not carry the Democratic flag or speak in their name. Let them speak for Bermuda’s common clientele. You obstructed for a long time, PD, with dark maneuvers that are now being exposed to the Democrats’ eyes. But that time has passed. I want to be clear: I will not allow anyone to interfere with the DP’s political interests, which aim to close Democrats in the corridors of the Non Grata. We entered this battle to defend the DP’s as well as Euro-Atlantic interests, and we did so at a high cost.

We will not give up and will not lose patience in inviting anyone to reflect on and participate in these values. “Those who have decided to trade values for false political or personal comfort, a smooth road to the anti-American bunker, you will no longer harm the DP,” said Basha.

This “battle” took place yesterday in Parliament, when Bardhi, along with several supporting lawmakers, rejected Parliament Speaker Lindita Nikolla’s notification that Lulzim Basha would be the new leader of the DP group following changes to the party’s statute.