Bardhi to Basha: Come back to your mission as opposition

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Lulzim Basha wished Gazment Bardhi “safe travels to the anti-American bunker” today, but the latter’s response was not lacking. Bardhi said at the end of the joint opposition meeting, where Basha was absent, “He must return to the opposition mission.””He must resume his role as an opposition figure; each deputy can have their own ideas about the bunker.” I don’t want to make divisive remarks. “Everyone should consider where Albania stands and what the absence of opposition can mean for Albania,” said Bardhi.

This response follows Basha’s statement, in which he stated that he will not allow anyone, including Bardhi, to harm the Democratic Party (PD).
“For those who have decided to traffic in values in exchange for false political or personal comfort, the road to the anti-American bunker will no longer harm the PD,” Basha said.

Finally, Bardhi announced that there were 43 deputies from the PD and the Alliance for Change in the meeting where Basha was not present. He emphasized that the deputies have agreed to meet once a week.