Bardhi Attends a Meeting with Berisha’s Group: Electoral Reform is a Priority to Unify Opposition Action in Parliament

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The majority of Democratic Party MPs have gathered at a common table for the first time since the April 25th elections. The meeting was called by Gazment Bardhi, who stated at the start of his speech that he is convinced that the things that divide Democratic deputies are smaller than those that unite them.

The goal of this joint table is to unify opposition action in Parliament, where Bardhi has stated that Electoral Reform will be a priority.

“Differences in opinion within the party should not distract us from the responsibility we have to citizens, Democrats, and opposition members. As a result, while I am confident that individual opinions on internal debates will not prevent us from unifying an opposition stance, beginning with a common opposition agenda,” Bardhi said.

Electoral Reform, on the other hand, is expected to be another source of contention within the Democratic Party. At the same time that Gazment Bardhi stated that Electoral Reform would be a priority, Lulzim Basha stated the same thing in a meeting with the College of Chairpersons.

Basha announced, alongside Enkelejd Alibeaj (both were absent from the joint table), that open lists and the establishment of the Electoral Reform Commission will be their first steps in Parliament.

“Open lists are our first commitment, and they mark the beginning of the Electoral Reform Commission, which is chaired by Enkelejd Alibeaj. We will work hard, in collaboration with other parliamentary allies, to prevent political jugglers from securing privileges through misfortunes for the people,” Basha said earlier.

After two years of work on Electoral Reform, no final decisions have been reached.