Osmani in Tirana: Unified foreign policy strategy and action

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One year after President Bajram Begaj’s first foreign trip, the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has returned the favor by traveling to Tirana. In the Albanian capital, Osmani emphasized that the purpose of his visit is to coordinate a unified foreign policy strategy and action.

“I observe unwavering support and hospitality for Kosovo. This support has not been lacking even during the toughest periods and during the state-forming period. We discussed the upcoming obstacles, which we will have to surmount together.

The Albanian people have been and continue to be a factor in regional stability. In all instances where Kosovo is not a member, we need the robust support of Albania to represent us. I would like to thank President Begaj for his unwavering dedication on the international stage, where he has demanded vehemently that Kosovo be accorded its rightful position in every international organization.

Coordination of a unified foreign policy strategy and action is the focus of my visit. Our states signed thirteen agreements in diverse fields two months ago. In the past two years, 41 agreements intended to better the lives of citizens in both states have been signed, according to Begaj.