“Commissioners Will Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence,” Rama: We Will Eliminate Public Procurement Corruption

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The government intends to combat corruption in public procurement commissions using Artificial Intelligence-enabled technology.

During his address to the National Assembly of the Socialist Party, Chairman Edi Rama announced that the AIKSH (National Agency for Information Society) is working closely with the Open AI platform team (which developed Chat GPT) so that commissioners can be “eliminated” from the game.

This reduces the number of individuals who could wind up in SPAK (Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution), because they are unaware of what they are signing.

“Today, we have the opportunity to not only imagine how well we could do it, but also to actually do it, possibly within this mandate, by transitioning to a completely technological procurement system. Through Artificial Intelligence, all tender commissions are rendered unnecessary. Thus, even fewer candidates will enter the commissions, and fewer will wind up in SPAK as a result of their ignorance. Some of them do not understand what they signed.”

This strategy, according to the Prime Minister, will save the state time and money.