“Beleri,” Rama: Greece must understand it’s a matter of fairness

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Prime Minister Edi Rama, at the Socialist Party Assembly, addressed the “Beleri” issue again, emphasizing that it is exclusively a matter of justice.

“Our political will must resolve, as they (the Greeks) believe, a matter for which the new justice authorities have taken action and made decisions despite us and them (the Greeks). I have nothing new to add, and there is no substantive discussion with the Greek side about the core of the issue. The approach of the Greek side indicates that the new relationship, the complete separation of political authority and justice, is undergoing a rigorous test. Our approach is novel in the 111-year history of political authority in Albania, and our decision not to intervene in the affairs of the justice institutions but to support them unconditionally conflicts with the historical status quo. This history has taught successive generations to believe that political power governs the judiciary, as stated by Rama.

“Those who whisper in the ears of our Greek counterparts likely believe that this is still the case. These Albanian speakers, with whom we share the language and the nation but not reverence for the homeland, have the right to their opinions. Independent justice is the hallmark of the Socialist Party for European Albania. This is my most vivid open-eyed dream, and it forces me to sleep after everyone else has fallen asleep. If I did not have this desire, I would not put up with the mud that has been thrown on my deceased and living relatives. Nor would I tolerate the filth that has been hurled at my family for over two decades,” Rama added.