Beleri’s attorney claims elected mayor is being kept in prison for political reasons

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Only two days after being detained as a suspect for “election corruption,” Fredi Beleri, the mayor of Himara elected in the May 14 election, will remain in detention.

The Specialized Court of First Instance for Corruption and Organized Crime (GJKKO) made the decision to turn down Beleri’s plea for a decrease in the security measure “arrest in prison.”

According to Judge Fjorela Davidhi, no legal situation has changed that would need a modification of the security measure for Beleri. The elected mayor of Himara, who has been undergoing medical treatment at the Prison Hospital for months, was present in court.

He asserted the invalidity of certain of the acts included in the court file through his attorney. Beleri also reaffirmed his position, which he has been holding since the moment of his detention, in which he claims that the investigation into him has a political undertone.

The Special Court has not yet made a decision about the case against Beleri and his accomplice Pandeli Kokaveshi. Beleri allegedly promised a person a sum of money starting at 50 euros every voter who supported him in the polls on May 14th as well as a prize of 300 euros for himself, according to SPAK (Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution). In the course of the investigation, it was also established that Pandeli Kokaveshi gave this individual a payment of 40,000 lek (Albanian currency) in exchange for 8 votes.