Concession Agreement, SPAK’s “Sterilization” Strike, and Rama: An Example of Independent Justice

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The administration views the arrests made by SPAK in relation to the sterilization deal as merit in and of itself. Edi Rama believes that these arrests would not have been possible without the votes of the socialists, who established the special prosecutor’s office as the cornerstone of judicial reform, even though former members of the socialist majority were imprisoned.

Some people nowadays are acting as though SPAK is the wind of God and the government is the harbor of the devil. But they fail to remember that this government, which has changed like night and day in comparison to the previous 100 years of obstruction of justice, was the one that had the bravery, will, and ambition to raise the wave of justice from its very beginning.

In his response, Edi Rama mentions nothing about the sterilization concession contract, which is now being shown to have been dishonest and conflicted on a daily basis. Instead, he only stops when the majority decides to support the justice reform, which he claims won’t ever interfere with its ability to do its job.

“Only this administration, and no one else, cleared the way for new justice, and it won’t hinder it wherever it comes from—within the government, outside of it, behind it, or covered by its wing. European Albania, which faces a zillion challenges, obstacles, and difficulties every day, is only possible because of the conviction that this nation is being constructed, the fortitude of this administration to cede control of the justice system, and its unwavering commitment to fighting corruption and organized crime.

One of the contracts that the Rama 1 administration touted the most was the sterilization concession, but the opposition has long alleged corruption in the transaction.

Rama’s Response

Respect and appreciation should be shown for SPAK and GjKKO’s ongoing efforts even in August. After a protracted period of Albania’s stagnation in the muck of injustice, when no one had the fortitude to even conceive, let alone create justice independent from the government, let’s recall who pledged, launched, and enabled the judicial reform.

SPAK and the National Bureau of Investigation were created as a manifestation of a real and unyielding state-building will; they did not appear out of thin air. When the Socialist Party and I promised the Albanian people that we would create a new, independent, European justice system that would stop the cancer of impunity, they weren’t just empty words like the previous 100 years of recurrent promises. In the face of 100 years of mockery with justice in the history of the Albanian state, where justice could never touch any powerful person or those connected to power and where justice was a strong oppressor of the weak and weak against the strong, the Socialist Party of Albania kept its most solemn and difficult promise. As a result, this justice was born today and is growing every day.

Some people today talk as though SPAK is God’s wave and the government is the devil’s harbor. However, they overlook the fact that this particular government, which changes like day and night in contrast to the previous 100 years of obstructing justice, was the one who had the bravery, will, and ambition to raise the wave of justice from its very beginning. Nobody else except this administration opened the door for fresh justice, and it will never stand in the way of justice wherever it comes from—within the government, all around it, in its shadow, or under its protection. European Albania, which is facing a thousand challenges, obstacles, and difficulties every day, will demonstrate to itself and the world that history is not an eternal curse and that history is written by the people of every generation with the force of their dreams, hopes, and deterrence. This will be made possible by the conviction that this country is being built, the strength of this government to relinquish control of justice and to support it unconditionally against corruption and organized crime, and , and tenacity, and that as they ascend to their merited heights, nothing can stop our nation from creating a new chapter in its history.