. Concession Agreement: SPAK Targets “Sterilization,” Rama: Indicator of Independent Justice

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Authorities are praised for the arrests made by SPAK in relation to the sterilizing concession. Edi Rama believes that these arrests would not have been possible without the votes of the socialists raising the special prosecutor’s office, the cornerstone of justice reform, even if other former members of the socialist majority have been imprisoned.

Some people nowadays are speaking as if SPAK is God’s wave and the government is the devil’s harbor. However, they overlook the fact that Albania’s government—which is altering day and night in comparison to the past 100 years of injustice—raised the wave of justice at its crest.

Edi Rama’s statement is silent on the contentious sterilization concession contract, which is currently being exposed as corrupt and rife with conflict of interest on a daily basis. Instead, he places all of his attention on the public’s desire to support justice reform, which he promises he will never obstruct.

The only government to have opened the road for new justice with its own body, this one will never obstruct justice’s progress inside the government, outside of it, behind it, or within its purview. European Albania, which is confronting challenges, obstacles, and difficulties day by day, will demonstrate to itself and the world that history is not an eternal curse and that history is written by the people of every generation with the force of their dreams, hopes, and determination. This will be made possible by the belief that this nation is becoming stronger and the strength of this government to relinquish control over justice and to support it unconditionally against corruption and organized crime.