Cani after leaving SPAK: I don’t know Rrapaj, I followed the law

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Businessman Ilir Rrapaj’s former finance and economy minister, Shklqim Cani, has denied knowing him. He said he had to protect the investigation’s secrecy in a statement to the media following his evidence before SPAK (Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution), and he highlighted that he had adhered to the law. Cani stated that after the paperwork was complete, he had approved the concession.

“All concessions follow the same process. The documentation must adhere to all applicable legislation, according to the Ministry of Finance. It is mundane labor. Investigative confidentiality applies here. It is my responsibility to protect the investigation’s secrecy. I’m unable to go into great detail regarding what occurred. I appreciate your interest within the parameters of openness. You should also applaud SPAK for their efforts in locating the truth. SPAK has spread out leaves to provide us with a shadow on these hot days. I’m prepared to face the law. I have been honest about everything, including every problem. Documents, not words, are the foundation of my activities. I have responded to the institution’s questions in a way that complies with the law. I have complied with all laws and legal requirements. Why was Ilir Rrapaj interested in me? He has no link to the finance minister. Why would I need to know him? The minister who handled money is not me. I vacated my position before the concession began. I concurred. I have to abide by the law if the paperwork is accurate. I am required by law to offer my consent once the paperwork is ready, Cani stated.