Berisha refutes Veliaj-Basha-Balla’s accusations that his son was involved in the construction of a tower in Tirana

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“My son has categorically no connection to any tower”. Sali Berisha used these words to refute the claims that his son was involved in the construction of the Tower in the heart of Tirana. In a statement to the media, Berisha accused Lulzim Basha, Taulant Balla, the interior minister, and Mayor Erion Veliaj with circulating untrue information.

Berisha further stressed that he has continuously rejected requests for permission to build towers in the nation’s capital, claiming that those requests date back to 2001 and 2003.

“There is as much of an affiliation with Lulzim Brava as there is with Taulant Balla. That is my response. Democrats ought to get together, but Edi Rama uses Brava and Alibasha as regrettable roadblocks. Did you observe how Veliaj’s brief mistreatment of Basha led to a violent fight breaking out within the Socialist Party?

“You witnessed it. You’ve seen how they created a historical mountain of unmatched lies about my ties to the towers and the person who devoted his entire life to opposing a tower’s construction.

The tower projects date back to 2001, 2003, and other years, but they never materialized because I had a different vision for the city.

No structure taller than six to eight stories existed in Tirana’s urban plan, which was authorized in 2013. That was the idea I had. Although I don’t have anything against skyscrapers, there should be specified locations and guidelines.

Due to the population density it generates, a tower ruins the life of an entire area.

I inform the Albanian population present that neither Agim Zeqo nor Ilir Shtufi contributed even a single cent to Foltore, despite the army of liars’ accusations to the contrary.

They never asked for or received a favor from me while I was prime minister.

The taxes on energy drinks have been eliminated for one of them, and the other has dozens of bids from Erion Veliaj, etc.

As much as you understand my zeal to condemn Edi Rama, I have stopped because those who raised the mountain of lies—and the fact is that the mountain of lies—fueled this were Veliaj-Balla-Brava.

There is definitely no relationship between my son and any tower. I declared that I have never approved of towers in Tirana and never will.

Let them say that these fines define their memories, but I have continuously said that what is occurring is outrageous and a disgrace. I have also termed these towers “ugly monuments to crime and drugs.” They were referred to as it by me.