Berisha: Healthcare Concessions and $1 billion in Theft. Cost of sterilization: 76,000,000 Euros

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In his weekly press conference with the media, Sali Berisha said, “Healthcare concessions are, in all aspects, the second largest theft of the century.”

“Their minimum bill, which is 450 million euros and is defined as a double floor bill in contracts for 10 years. However, taking into account the implementation and theft that take place during the execution of these practices, this measure could end up burdening Albanians by 900 million to 1 billion euros. Sterilization and the sterilization concession, which was expected to cost 100 million dollars over ten years at the time due to the exchange rate, are, of course, the main topics of discussion today. It has cost 76 million euros in the first five years as a result of theft, said Berisha.

He claims that Edi Rama and Ilir Beqaj are the primary perpetrators of this heist.

“Ilir Beqaj and Edi Rama, the main writers and promoters of the theft from the second century, are above the law and untouchable. I hope that Albanian citizens don’t obstruct the branches from seeing the trees while appreciating every law enforcement action and taking into account all the valid arrest orders issued by the court in response to the prosecution’s request for the case. It would be disastrous if that happened. Sali Berisha continued, “The truth is that Ilir Beqaj and Edi Rama are at the heart of this important issue.