“PD enters a crucial phase,” Berisha convenes the National Council. “The 14 May elections are the ugliest farce in the history of pluralism.”

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“DP Enters a Crucial Period,” Berisha Calls a Meeting of the National Council: May 14 Elections, the Most Abhorrent Farce in Pluralism History!

This afternoon, Sali Berisha called a meeting of the National Council, where it is anticipated that various decisions regarding the evaluation of the May 14 elections will be approved.

He said in his statement at this conference that the Democratic Party is now approaching a vital phase and that the May 14 elections were the worst farce in pluralism history.

“With this gathering, we usher in a new era for the Police Department. We are actually entering one of the most important and challenging times, so it is important to be realistic but also more adamant about this party’s position. We all concurred in this room a month ago that Edi Rama prevents free elections, and that our major goal is to bring back the right of Albanians to vote freely.

We agreed to use every ounce of our strength in the municipal election campaign on May 14, 2023, though at the same time. We officially vowed to safeguard the vote, meaning that, while we would not defend the vote with force, we would do everything in our power to identify and criticize any violations or exploitation of the votes of Albanians.

You, the election headquarters, and the candidates did a great job during the campaign by honestly highlighting all the significant issues with the farce that occurred in addition to presenting their programs. After that, a commission formed here at the headquarters completed a 32-year project that was unprecedented and unmatched.

As proof that the May 14 elections were the ugliest electoral farce in the annals of Albanian pluralism, we have the report, which is over 600 pages long and will be published in two volumes. It is organized into sections and chapters in specialized centers for free elections and will be presented and distributed globally. They were the first elections in which the vicious opponent of the Albanian people’s right to a free vote publicly proclaimed the Electoral Code to be invalid, wiping out every safeguard it affords candidates.

Edi Rama broke every rule and need of the constitution, along with the Electoral Code. The most serious inequality among the candidates for election was established by Edi Rama in the farce. With an anti-legal ruling, he took away the DP’s insignia and logo and gave it to his pawn, Brava-Alibeaj.

Suleiman Berisha

The consultation with the structures and analysis of the municipal elections held on May 14 will begin on August 12 and extend for around 40 days, ending at the end of September.

At the conclusion of this procedure, each branch will physically and electronically provide the organizational secretariat the analysis’ conclusions in the format specified.


1. Start the process of consultation and analysis for the local elections on May 14, 2023 at all DP structure levels;

2. Working Groups, whose members will be chosen by the DP Presidency and announced to the branches by the Secretary for Organization, will direct the process;

3. The Working Group identifies additional people as necessary who will help in carrying out the applicable guideline’s requirements. The corresponding guideline specifies the Working Group’s membership that will supervise the County and branch level consultation and analysis process;

4. On August 20, 2023, the consultation procedure with the structures and the analysis of the municipal elections scheduled for May 14, 2023 will begin, and it will be finished by the end of September;

5. Each branch will physically and electronically provide the organizational secretariat the analysis’ findings in the format outlined in the guideline at the conclusion of the process;

6. This choice will be monitored and carried out by the General Secretary, Organizational Secretary, Political Leaders of the Counties, and Party Branches.

We would like to remind you that the Presidency decided to begin the internal investigation and call the National Council a few days ago.