Marijuana discovered at military bases, Balla: Joint investigation with Military Police

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Interior Minister Taulant Balla spoke about the illegal plants seized in a military barracks in Tirana and said that the operation was conducted in coordination with the Military Police. Regarding the claims, he advised people not to get caught up in politics’ traps.

“The law will continue to be enforced against all criminal activities. In the instance you highlighted, we had outstanding coordination with the military police during the operation against the production of narcotic plants. We coordinated our efforts to interfere even in that area. We should recognize that we have made progress and are seeing tangible outcomes in this national mega-operation, in which more than 6,000 police and military units have been participating, rather than falling into the traps that some are trying to set up between one side and the other, Balla said.

The Interior Minister made these remarks after honoring former General Director of Police Fadil Cana at the General Directorate of Police.

Three soldiers were detained when a plot containing 125 cannabis plants was found on the grounds of the military barracks in Zall Herr, Tirana; four others, including the commander of the barracks and the deputy battalion commander, will be investigated but not detained.