Berisha calls for the establishment of a broad opposition front with protests and elections

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The National Reformation Council opted not to accept the results of the municipal elections held on May 14 and called them a “electoral massacre” three months later.

Although Edi Rama is the primary offender in Berisha’s case, the Democrats still believe that an internal investigation is required, from the lowest levels of the party up.

From August 20 to the end of September, this process will take around 40 days. Edi Rama’s majority had allies even among the Democrats in this unfair battle, as the leader of the Reformation calls the municipal elections.

Sali Berisha has been debating whether to start a new party or stick with the blue headquarters logo up to this moment, but he thinks the answer lies in the coordination of opposition groups to launch a political operation against the administration.

Although the National Council decided not to call the National Assembly as required by statute when local elections are lost in order to put Sali Berisha up for a vote of confidence, the structures will be subject to an analysis process.