Basha discusses Dibra’s “SKY” Wiretaps: Politics needs purging

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As part of the preparations for the National Assembly, which is anticipated to take place on September 2nd, Lulzim Basha, the head of the Democratic Party (PD), met with the party structures in Dibra.

Basha responded to the disclosures of wiretaps from the “SKY” program, which reveal the links between criminal activity and governmental organizations.

The “SKY” wiretaps, in Basha’s opinion, demonstrate that the relationship between politics and crime is a serious threat to our order and security.

“In Dibra, working with the Democratic Party’s regional leadership structures, we began reorganizing every aspect of our political force in order to prepare them to take on Edi Rama’s corrupt regime and create an alternative by involving party members, citizens, intellectuals, women, young people, business owners, and interest groups in creating the future that Albanians deserve.

The relationship between politicians and crime is a serious threat to our order and security, as the “SKY” wiretaps have shown. We must applaud our deputies for taking this proper attitude since we, the Democratic Party, have confronted, attacked, and opposed it in the service of the public good. We are steadfast in our efforts to purge politics because people involved in crime have no business serving in the government’s representative bodies.

Our coalition to liberate the economy and advance constitutional amendments will be the Civic Alliance for Democracy, allowing: open lists, political vetting, term limits, voting among diasporans, and popular election of the president are all examples of good governance.

Together, despite our political differences, we can transform the existing government’s flawed governance paradigm, which enriches the officials and their clientele while impoverishing the populace.

Albania urgently needs political system changes that enable control and balance of powers, transparency, and accountability to the public due to flagrant corruption like that of the Phantom Incinerators, the failure of public enterprises, the infiltration of crime in state structures, the usurpation of properties through so-called “strategic investors,” the embezzlement of European funds from the IPARD program, and dozens of other injustices committed by government officials.