60% of Albanians cannot afford one week of holidays

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According to data showing record numbers, Albania has emerged as one of the most popular places for visitors to spend their summer vacations this year. In comparison to other European nations, it offers affordable costs and is a lovely destination for tourists.

On the other hand, Albanians are now unable to afford even a one-week holiday in the south. 60% of Albanians, due to their difficult economic circumstances and high prices, cannot afford to spend even one week away from home, according to the Balkan Barometer, a publication of the Regional Cooperation Council.

When questioned, locals claim that being unable to afford vacations is related to spending money on more important services.

25% of Albanian respondents said they have had trouble paying their energy bills at least once in the last year. While just 39% of Albanians, the lowest percentage in the region, had the chance to have a one-week holiday away from home, according to this survey.

Albanians are the least likely to be able to take holidays at the regional level, followed by Montenegrins at 50%. This percentage is 47% for North Macedonia and 45% for Serbia. The majority of visitors to our nation are Kosovars, who think they can afford vacations a lot more easily than Albanians. The possibility of Bosnian and Herzegovinian citizens taking vacations in the area is higher.