Llapaj visits USA, explains message taken from US State Department

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Adriatik Lapaj was in the United States a few months ago, and he disclosed the message he received on A2 CNN. With the beginning of his political endeavor, much has been made of Lapaj’s support from worldwide figures. Based on this, the lawyer stated his reason for visiting the United States and US States Department .

“A few months ago, I was at the US State Department, in the United States, and I realized that we are the ones who make this country what it is, and our partners and friends are eager to assist us. However, only we have the ability to properly shape this country. Friends are available to help when they see a desire to change, but the fate of the house, whether it prospers or diminishes, rests with the owner. I’m not betting on who will support me or not; I’m betting on the people. The only way to win this battle and change the country is to follow the will of the people,” stated Lapaj.

The activist and lawyer has warned of a hot season of meetings and protests in his initiative.

“If people embrace these ideas, if there is enthusiasm, the squares will fill, and the pressure will increase. Believe me when I say that there is no stronger force than the power of the people. It will be a trip of people-to-people talks, activities in halls and streets, marches, and protests, all within the bounds of the law. I am the type of guy that creates states, and I will never lead people to destruction, fire, or violence. Instead, it will take togetherness to bring about change. “No police force or government can thwart the will of the people,” he stated.

The new party’s name and logo are complete, but Lapaj has decided not to announce them until September. The name and logo will be stunning, and they will be revealed in September. It will be breathtaking,” he said on A2 CNN.