Lapaj will form a new political party with zero public funding and minimalist contribution from the people, explains his party’s main points

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Adriatik Lapaj has stated that he is not alone in this new project, but he clarifies that, unlike other parties that have been formed, he is not seeking votes, but rather calling individuals who share his ideals to join him. Lapaj stated in an interview with Merita Haklaj on A2 CNN that the foundation of his party will be self-organization, not top-down, and that it will be sponsored by the people with minimum funding.

“I’m not trying to persuade anyone, so I don’t approach people and try to persuade them to join me. I meet with them to invite them to join the ideals. We shouldn’t have to invite people to embrace ideals, in my opinion. There is no secret agenda in my life; only beliefs. On our side will be men, women, girls, and boys, professionals, and young people, but not just young people, but people with work experience. It will be a mash-up of values. This is an open train with no doors or windows where anyone can board to experience these ideas. I am not alone; the ranks are rapidly growing. In September, you’ll recognize them. I’ve called for self-organization, and I’ve decided that this will be a people’s movement with minimal funds, just enough to keep the mechanism running,” he said.

Lapaj has also revealed some of the important principles of the program that will underpin this new political force, which is set to launch in early September.

“We need to open the competition sooner rather than later, not a month before the elections, to determine who will be a deputy. Everyone needs a referendum law, as well as a measure to depoliticize the administration. It’s being said for the first time in this sense,” Lapaj explained.

Lapaj goes beyond the promises to describe how he intends to keep them.

“There is public awareness that this is happening or will happen. We shall band together, protest, march, propose constitutional amendments, and demand that these realities be considered. If they do not reflect, the public will have to confront them in elections. If they are content with the current status, they should not join us. If so, they should join the ideas for major change,” Lapaj concluded on A2 CNN.