Lapaj explains why he decided to open a party: The areas in which I differ from the “old guard”

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Adriatik Lapaj, who passionately believes in the proverb “Where the night is darkest, a new dawn begins,” has decided to form a political party and contribute in a unique way. In an interview with Merita Haklaj on A2 CNN, Lapaj discussed how he decided to become involved in active politics in Albania and the pivotal moment that lead him to this new path.

“The decision was a self-dialogue to explore how I could contribute, and I had found myself up until that point. But the manner in which the political confrontation unfolded, as well as the absence of opposition and quality, compelled me to make this decision,” Lapaj explained.

He promises a new paradigm and alternative with the new political party he hopes to lead, reflecting on the mistakes made throughout the 32-year transition.
“What has happened in the last 32 years is the end of a cycle.” The question is whether the new cycle will be founded on principles and a new model, or whether it will be a replication of the old model. I want to underline that after 32 years of transformation, I don’t see everything as black and white. We need to provide a new paradigm and an alternative. I’m bothered by the absence of reflection. Making mistakes is natural, but continuing to make mistakes is tragic. I distance myself from them where they do not reflect. “The dream is for a new model based on competition and meritocracy,” Lapaj explained.

He did not, however, disclose much details regarding this endeavor.