Fighting tourism informality? Dilaveri: Tourists must fill out a form at customs stating their place of stay

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Flobenc Dilvareri, an economics specialist invited to “A2 Business” by Aurora Sulçe, discussed measures to tackle informality in the tourism industry.

According to him, one method to avoid any tax evasion strategies by tourism enterprises would be for international travelers to fill out a form when they cross the border, in which they give the specific address of their lodging.

According to Dilaveri, this action would cut informality in the country by at least 50%.

Why isn’t informality combated in the tourism industry?

It is part of the broader informality in our economy. I would guess that if all of the administration’s and state’s resources were concentrated on combating informality during this period, particularly in tourist-heavy areas.

A remedy, in my opinion, would be for a foreign tourist to fill out a form announcing the address where they will go and where they will remain while in Albania, and in this way, I am confident that informality would be reduced by at least 50%.