The EU’s suspension of agricultural funds, Berisha: Good news for Albanians

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Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha hailed the suspension of European Union agricultural assistance owing to corruption suspicions “good news for Albanians.” However, he stated that it should not end there.

“The European Commission announced today that it has suspended funds for Albanian agriculture due to corruption.” Because of kleptocrats’ theft and misappropriation of critical EU money for Albanian agriculture, these funds are misappropriated and embezzled by Albanian government agencies,” stated Berisha.

“We now have the Academy of Shepherds and the Maternity of Mares, but this isn’t the only theft.” In the best interests of Albanians and European taxpayers, I urge the European Commission to scrutinize every infrastructure project in Albania, of which there are many. The EU has a big budget.”

This reply followed a discussion with the Democratic Party’s parliamentary group.