The Academy of Sciences, SP unanimously supports modifications that extend Gjinushi’s mandate

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With their votes, the majority of MPs in the Commission for Education and Public Information accepted the revision to the Academy of Sciences statute. Two Socialist MPs, Petro Koçi and Ismet Beqiraj, submitted the legislative initiative, which allows Sknder Gjinushi to be re-elected as the chairman of the Academy of Sciences.

The Commission meeting was held in the absence of opposing MPs. Nonetheless, three majority MPs abstained, while nine others raised their hands in support of the act.

Before the meeting began, the Chairwoman of the Commission for Education and Public Information, Flutura Açka, accused the socialist Petro Koçi, who serves as deputy chairman of the commission, and the bill’s co-author, Ismet Beqiraj, of violating Parliament’s rules.

This situation, according to the commission’s chairwoman, is occurring precisely on the day Sknder Gjinushi’s mandate as the head of the Academy of Sciences expires, and MPs Koçi and Beqiraj are seeking a vote on the bill, which allows Sknder Gjinushi another mandate in one of its articles.