Neza: Balla’s Mistake with His MPs When Appointed Minister of Interior

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Taulant Balla, five days after being named Minister of Interior, sent a message to his colleagues indicating that they “should not interfere in the work of the police.” However, this was an error on the part of analyst Sami Neza.

Alba Alishani invited Neza to the “Debate” show, where he criticized Balla’s statement as inappropriate for the post of Minister of Interior and presented justifications for it.

“A mistaken statement, thinking he would send a message that would separate the influence of MPs from the police, he did the opposite.” The influence of MPs on police is guaranteed by the Minister of the Interior. Balla has done a good job for the party through negotiations, pledges to MPs, and passing measures that would not have been considered in another situation. He was even successful in amending the Constitution to benefit the Socialist Party. Replacing MP-to-MP communication with MP to Minister of Interior does not fix the problem, and it is not even a possibility that MPs’ power will lessen,” the expert said on A2 CNN.

For Neza, the expulsion of Bledi uçi as a result of the Rraja clan’s violence in Borizana and the appointment of someone regarded close to them is ludicrous in these circumstances.