Interpellation and motion on incinerators, PS rejects opposition requests, Bardhi: Rama is funding Ahmetaj’s escape

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The Conference of Chairpersons rejected two opposition requests for an immediate meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama on Thursday, as well as a motion calling for a debate on the topic of incinerators. Gazmend Bardhi, the leader of the Democratic Party’s (DP) parliamentary group, accused the majority of turning the Parliament into a shop for incinerator owners, who, he highlighted, continue to receive payments from the public budget despite being pursued by the court system.

“It is not an urgent matter for the two mafia members involved in the incinerator escape to receive payments every day for unfinished work.” I appreciate Rama’s reluctance in providing explanations as a person involved, the head of the incinerators, but the Constitution must be honored, no matter how inconvenient or troublesome it may be. Their claim is that there is no need for urgency. They are funding Zoto’s, Mrtiri’s, and now Ahmetaj’s escapes.”

The majority said that the issue of incinerators is not urgent enough to warrant changing the agenda of the previous plenary session for this legislative session, and that it now belongs to the justice system.

“As I already stated, our position in the session is unchanged. We believe they are not urgent and should not be on the agenda since they lack substance. The parliamentary oversight mechanisms for this topic have been exhausted. As a result, I have the impression that debating and speaking when the legal system has taken over the issue is an attempt to undermine its work,” claimed socialist MP Toni Gogu in front of the media.